Career Planning

Career planning in today's world has become eminent. Sometimes a career falls on your lap! You take up a job, do well and get promoted and before you realize it, you have spent a decade or more in the same position. It may bring you happiness as long as you get paid, but the satisfaction factor might be missing in your life. You might have done well because you possess abilities personality characteristics that tend to produce better work!

If you join the career planning classes, you will gain knowledge on assuming greater responsibilities and eventually get promotions. This is how a perfect career planning works. But some of us never do career planning while to some of us, careers just come!

In today's world of Computer Technology, people mainly choose to become an IT professional to keep pace with the fast moving corporate world and also to improve their career prospects. Potential and ambitious people engage in career planning to be selected for the best job offer.

The first and foremost thing to keep in mind is that we must choose the work which we like. Our selection should be motivated by the work we enjoy, that will further allow us to realize our potential. We may choose that field because the abilities and personality characteristics matches with someone in the related field.

According to Socrates, the ancient Greek Philosopher, "a person should do what they do best, for then what they do will be done well and the good work will be rewarded as we expect".

But once you have finally chosen your field, research your prospects thoroughly! Learn what jobs are available and what skills, training and education are required for this field. When career planning, you need to investigate and observe the workers of that field, to find out more about which jobs lead to higher jobs, which are the jobs with more pay and responsibility, etc. By career planning, know what you are getting into before you begin your professional life!

Success is not necessarily reaching the top position in the field. Suppose if you are a programmer and loves programming, you are not going to be very happy even if given the post of Vice President of IT, although it may be the top position in the IT Company! It would be similar to the saying "stepping in someone else shoes!" Perhaps choosing for Chief Software Engineer may be your greatest possible fulfillment as a programmer.

Therefore, it is important to understand that career planning is a serious matter because it will result in what you may be doing for the rest of your life! So we should follow as the saying goes, "do the right thing at the right time."

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