Using Your Mind Powers Can Be Motivational

In it’s simplest definition motivation is that which keeps us moving forward in the direction of our goals. Without belaboring the point this can come from two distinct places. The first is extrinsic motivation or motivation that comes from outside of us. The second is intrinsic motivation and that is the type that comes from within.

Of course extrinsic motivation is probably the easiest to come by but is also the most fleeting. Once you remove the outside motivating agent the motivation stops. Intrinsic motivation is more difficult to come by but once it is done it is fairly consistent in it’s application.

By utilizing your mind powers in a consistent manner you can influence the results you ultimately arrive at. These results in turn affect the people around you and then they affect you back. This is usually considered intrinsic motivation and tends to be the most consistent form of motivation for an individual. The rest of this article will take a look at some common forms of extrinsic motivation.

Four Most Common Forms Of Extrinsic Motivating Factors:

Recognition From People We Work With

You would be amazed at how the idea of being accepted and respected by our peers can be a strong motivating force. This is responsible for a lot of the cohesiveness in the workplace. This concept is a great one to remember when putting a team together.

Recognition From Mentors

Being recognized or understanding what you need to do or be to be recognized by a mentor is a strong motivating force. This will push you to do things you may not otherwise stretch yourself to do and do them well. Especially when you know your mentor or someone you respect is watching you.

Recognition From Family

Most in the field will consider this motivating force to be one of the strongest. If you consider the fact that your family is going to be there your entire lifetime then it bears to reason they would have a lot of influence. Who wouldn’t do almost anything asked of them for their family?

In this article we have looked at several extrinsic forms of motivation. These included being recognized by peers, being recognized by mentors and being recognized by family. Of course we didn’t come anywhere near covering the gamut of extrinsic motivation forces. We offered the ones that most people could relate to and act upon. As we have pointed here you can see that a lot of motivation comes from other people. In order to be successful in just about any endeavor you will realize that you need other people more then you need yourself.

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