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Left Tilt strives to
fund social justice organizations working in a diverse range of areas. Click on the tabs at right to learn more.

Civil Liberties
civil liberties
Left Tilt supports those who seek to protect our constitutional rights and fight against tactics to dismantle them.
Racial Justice
racial justice icon
We fund those working to empower communities of color and end racial injustice.
Prisoners’ Rights
prisoner rights icon
We support those who challenge the modern prison system, re-litigate wrongly decided cases, and fight for the rights of prisoners and the formerly incarcerated.
environment icon
The foundation supports those working to stop the degra-dation of our planet, especially those battling environmental racism through grassroots organizing.
homelessness icon
We support movements that demand that all people be treated with dignity and respect, including the right to housing.
Economic Equality
economic equality icon
Left Tilt funds those striving to bridge the class divide, empower low-income communities, and create equal access to education, jobs, and health care.
The Arts
arts icon
The fund supports art that exposes injustice and seeks to educate and empower its audience.
Labor Issues
labor issues icon
Left Tilt supports strengthening workers' rights and increasing the quality of life of working people.
International Solidarity
international solidarity icon
We support programs aimed at establishing economic and political independence and development of infrastructure in impoverished and marginalized communities across the globe.